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Amelia Ricci's 4 week Bikini Body Menu

Would you like a break from meal prep? Bored with your choices? Too busy? Not sure what to eat? This is a great option and such BEAUTIFUL fresh food! 

Save the link for when you need it and treat yourself ? I got mine delivered in a day to my desk at work last week but I was expecting a few days (they do notify you)

--- Gemma Dawson 

✔️I've lost 1.5 msg in 2 weeks by just eating Living Beauty/Sfera packaged meals!! 
Soooooo easy!!!  Filling too! Perfect for busy busy ppl with crazy lives!

--- Chantal Giannopoulos  from fit mum healthy family

This Barramundi and Greens dish by Sferas. Delicious. Perfect for a night spent over the study books! 
This range of meals also comes delivered and works in perfectly with the 4 week bikini body meal plans by @livingbeautyamelia 

--- Elle Blackwell - Fitness Model and Ambassador


This specially created range of delicious meals will help tone and shape your body. The 6 day meal plan fits together seamlessly with Amelia’s 4 week bikini body program to give you the knowledge you need to change your body forever.


    How long will it take for me to feel and see results?

    This is not a quick fix, nor a starvation program. It is a long-term lifestyle change. You will begin to see visible results after 3 days and feel better immediately as you take control of your life and your health.

    What’s Amelia’s point of difference?

    Qualifications & Experience: 20 years certified by Fitness Australia. Proven track record of helping hundreds of women transform their body over many years in the fitness industry.

    Why is this meal plan different, I have failed at diets in the past?

    This is not a starvation program, there is no calorie counting and you will learn to fuel your body for energy, wellbeing and long term maintenance of results.

    Download the program here and get 10% off with the code SHAPEUP



    Order $120.00 worth of meals or more to receive a complimentary serve of greens and almonds!

    Minimum order of 10 items includes free Metro Delivery. Please Click Here to find out what day deliveries are made to your area. Please note we require at least 2 business days notice for all orders.

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