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Amelia Ricci Bikini Body endorsed Protein Patty and Greens (Dairy Free)

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Protein patty & greens                                                                        

This delicious and moist patty, chock full of protein and no carbs. This meal will get you toned and lean and is a great dinner option.

This meal features chicken and turkey breast patty, spinach, beans, and broccoli.

Order $120.00 worth of meals or more to receive a complimentary serve of greens and almonds!

Minimum order of 10 items includes free Metro Delivery. Please Click Here to find out what day deliveries are made to your area. Please note we require at least 2 business days notice for all orders.


Why is this meal plan different, I have failed at diets in the past?

This is not a starvation program, there is no calorie counting and you will learn to fuel your body for energy, wellbeing and long term maintenance of results.

Download the program here and get 10% off with the code SHAPEUP


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