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Easy Events & Parties book by Michael Sfera

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  • Michael Sfera's Easy Events & Parties Book features;
    • Party and event planning guides and checklists
    • Party and event planning tips
    • Cost saving tips
    • Decor, theme and entertainment ideas
    • Drinks and glassware planner
    • Food and Cocktail recipes
    • Cost saving tips for parties
    • Industry secrets to get the best deal

    Written by Michael Sfera in 2009/10 the first edition is an easy guide to help you organise your next Barbeque, Birthday, Christmas Party, Home Party, picnic and more.

  • The appendix of the book features generic checklists, guides and tips can be used for almost any event or party.

  • "Easy Events and Parties is a fantastic book! I bought it and I love it! Very well written and put together."

    Regards, Afroditi Magoulianos - Renaissance Limousines


    "Whether its adding a unique touch to a barbecue in your backyard, or hosting a more formal and significant event, Easy Events & Parties offers useful and practical suggestions that are both practical and affordable. I was surprised at how simple some of the suggestions were - I found myself thinking "Why have I never thought of that?!" - very imaginative and impressive. This book will make a great birthday, Mother's Day, or Christmas gift"

    Kristina Jug - Minter Ellison Lawyers

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