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Sfera's Gourmet Express Healthy+ Protein Pack (no seafood)

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Sfera's Gourmet Express Healthy+ Protein Pack 2 is designed for athletes and gym junkies seeking a high protein, preservative free, gluten free and dairy free meal plan. With enough meals for 6 large lunches or dinners or up to 10 smaller meals, Sfera's Protein Pack offers you plenty of variety and ultimate flexibility with clean, nutritious meals. Just add your favourite salad or vegetables and you're done!

 Sfera's Gourmet Express Healthy+ Protein Pack 2 Includes;

2 x Sfera’s Healthy+ Chargrilled Chicken Breast (double serve)
2 x Sfera’s Healthy+ Chargrilled Chicken Tenderloins (250gm each)
2 x Sfera’s Healthy+ Lamb Shanks
1 x Sfera’s Healthy+ Large Garden Vegetable Pack

PLUS - For a limited time only receive a BONUS...

1 x Large Egg White Vegetable Frittata

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*Please note items include meat or seafood only, does not include sides as pictured or indicated in other meal plans

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