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2 new meal plan partners

Posted on August 29, 2014 by Steve Cordes
NEW 5 Day Super Lean Meal Plan with Bodhi Cleanse
normally $189 now $169


Sfera's Gourmet Express have teamed up with naturopath Karina Pike from Sowelu Naturopathy to create the 5 Day Super Lean Meal Plan with Bodhi Cleanse. The meal plan includes 4 days of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided by Sfera's Gourmet Express and a one day cold-pressed, organic Bodhi Cleanse juice cleanse. Price includes free metro delivery.


NEW 5 Day Hypoxi Endorsed Meal Plan $120


Sfera's Gourmet Express have also teamed up with Hypoxi Body Boutique (North Adelaide and Mawson Lakes) to create the 5 Day Hypoxi Endorsed Meal Plan. The meal plan includes 5 days of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner designed specifically to meet the Hypoxi nutritional guidelines and achieve optimal results for only $24 per day. For more information on Hypoxi click here. Price includes free metro delivery.
Check out our full range of new meal plans including Paleo and Vegetarian plans visit shop.sferas.com



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Natural Naughties review of Sfera's Heat n Serve Meals & Healthy+ Meal Plans

Posted on August 13, 2014 by Haylee Royal
Thank you to our friends at Natural Naughties for this fantastic review of Sfera's Heat n Serve Meals!!
"More and more catering companies are starting to enter the health food market, providing meals that are not only delicious but also packed full of nutrients.
Many people who live busy lifestyles are constantly searching for quick and easy food that is still healthy.
Search no more, Natural Naughties have done the searching for you and found some quality meals from Sfera's.
I have tried countless catering companies and very few can rival the taste, freshness and variety that Sfera's has to offer.
Benefits of Sfera's meals:
  • Easy to prepare - eat them cold or simply warm them up 
  • Convenient packaging making storage easy
  • Huge variety - there's something for everyone 
  • Healthy and natural ingredients
  • Include macronutrient breakdowns, weights etc. so you can ensure you're eating the right amounts for your goal
  • Homemade locally
  • Gluten and dairy free
Here are some photos of the tasty meals they have available:
You can check out the meals they have to offer here.
Posted by Kayla Thompson.

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SheShopped review of Sfera's Heat n Serve Meals

Posted on August 01, 2014 by Steve Cordes

Thank you to our friends at SheShopped for this fantastic review of Sfera's Heat n Serve Meals!! 

Aside from great biceps, there are some serious pros attached to being married to an AFL footballer. For one they are the first to know about the best in health and nutrition. If there is a trend in food or health supplements, we know about it six months before it makes the cover of Women’s Health magazine. Insider information doesn’t always equal hard to access though and that’s why when tucking into a  Sfera’s Healthy Heat & Serve meal, I thought to myself, I have to share this with the girls! Light bulb moment.  
This range was introduced to the players, to help them plan nutritious meals conveniently at home. I’m introducing it to you, because I know sometimes life (and desire) gets in the way of cooking night after night. My husband Kane does not fall into the “bachelor in need of feeding” category, but he most certainly falls into the “married to a woman who used to religiously cook perfectly prepared nutritious meals seven days a week and now does not”. I am guessing his decision to start investing in Sfera’s meals happened around the same time he asked me what we were having for dinner and I honestly replied “I can make you a juice”.
Sensing I was becoming a little time poor, Kane brought home a range of Sfera’s meals and three months on we now have a selection of Sfera’s gourmet meals on hand in the fridge permanently, so that if I am snowed under at work, dinner is covered without resorting to an unhealthy take away option. The meals are seriously delicious and just like something you would whip up at home, if you had the time and motivation. My boys all go crazy for the Gnocchi Ragu and I love the Barramundi with Garden Vegetables. You can shop the range as individual Heat n Serve Meals or if you want to get really serious about your health jump on one of the Sfera’s Meal Plans, which include lunch and dinner, delivered free to your door (Adelaide metro area). The meal plans even include bonus snacks. So convenient. So healthy!
Meal Plans have developed a cult following, with devotees reporting big weight loss and a feeling of "getting their life back" thanks to increased energy and more time on their hands. Eating healthy has never been so easy (or yummy).

If you’re interested in finding out more you can view the Heat n Serve Meals here and the Healthy Meal Plans here.


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Sfera’s Gourmet Express range – Now available across SA

Posted on March 15, 2014 by Steve Cordes

The convenient, heat and serve Sfera's Gourmet Express range is now available across SA in over 35 independent retail stores.

Sfera’s Gourmet Express meals feature preservative free, low in fat, healthy, no added sugar, real food alternatives.

You need only ask at you local Foodland, IGA or independent supermarket to enjoy these local, convenient, tasty meals with benefits or purchase from Sfera's online store

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